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Cheats: How to Train Your Bagon into a Salamence in one Day

Type: Hints & Tips
Cheat No: 44609
Date Posted: 01 Apr 2006
Posted by: dan1992
Applies To:
1.Get VS Seeker
2.Get exp. share
3.get a Bagon
4.go to fuschia city and got east out the city and then up till you see 4 bikers and a bird trainer.
5.Use your VS Seeker with the 5 trainers in veiw.
6.Select a pokemon around level 50 to use (make sure bagon is in your party).
7.Battle each trainer run back to Fuschia City.
8.Heal Pokemon
9.Repeat until he evolves into a shelgon and when he is level 45 select him as yur starting pokemon.
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