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Cheats: Korriban: Dustil Onasi side quest

Type: Hints & Tips
Cheat No: 76128
Date Posted: 10 Jun 2006
Posted by: LUFC Forever
Applies To:
Hint: Korriban: Dustil Onasi side quest:
During your progress through the game, talk to Carth. Continue talking to him until he mentions how his wife and son were killed on his home planet. After he is finished, go to Kashyyk and have Carth in your party. Follow the path that leads from the Space Port to outside the Czerka Corporation office and continue walking. An intermission sequence will occur where someone who knows Carth will recognize and talk to him. The man will mention that Carth's son Dustil is alive and has joined the Sith on Korriban. Go to Korriban. Once you are inside the Sith Academy, look for Dustil. He is in one of those rooms in the area where Master Yuthara is found. Carth will start talking to him, and Dustil will say that the Sith are his family. Try to convince him that the Sith are evil and he will ask for proof. Go to the west end on the map. You will see the door to Master Ulthar's room. Use your Security skill to open the door. Collect the items from the footlockers. You will get a Datapad that proves the Sith killed Dustil's friend because she was slowing his progress. Show the Datapad to Dustil and he will leave the Sith. You will gain experience points for finishing the side quest.
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