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Console and Metal Gear Solid 2 (PS2)

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Alternate Titles
Console & Metal Gear Solid 2 PS2 (English)
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Manufacturers Description
Waiting for Solid Snake to arrive on PS2 before you take the plunge? Look no further than this great value pack, which includes Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty and the PlayStation 2 console itself. All you need for some serious Stealth Espionage Action! And don't forget - with the PS2 Platinum range just around the corner, there's no excuse for not catching up with the PlayStation 2 revolution!

PlayStation 2 Console - Get ready for the 128-bit revolution that is Sony’s PlayStation 2 – greater processing power, visual clarity and unrivaled gameplay. PlayStation 2 will play the majority of original PlayStation games as well as DVD movies.

Just as the PlayStation brought interactive gaming to an unprecedented mass market, PlayStation 2's combination of breathtaking digital graphics, superb sound and DVD video will open the doors to a new computer entertainment experience in the home. The handsome looking console can either be stored horizontally or vertically, and more than 270 titles are being developed worldwide.

The next generation of Dual Shock Analogue controller is included with the pack, with analogue buttons which sense how hard you’re pressing them and react accordingly. In other words, the more you press down on ‘X’ if it’s an accelerator button, the faster you will go. The Dual Shock2 is also backward compatible with the original Dual Shock analog controller.

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