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Deadly Skies (GBA)

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Manufacturers Description
All-action air combat title Deadly Skies GBA will feature all of the frantic 3-D dogfighting action of its home console cousins. Offering players control over classic and modern military aircraft, Deadly Skies GBA drops the player into a series of combat scenarios. 20 missions, ranging from protecting craft or bombing runs, unfold as the game progresses, with each demanding greater strategic planning and reflexes from the player.
The missions are also tied in to the individual attributes of the nine aircraft on offer. As such, as players plot courses using the maps provided, they must also monitor the instruments of their plane as they engage in aerial dog-fights or swoop low to take out key enemy installations. All the action is viewed in the first person, with the incredibly detailed enemy planes roar past in stunning 3-D.

Graphically, the game represents a massive step forward for the series, with the assorted forests and cities of the levels shown in incredible detail. Likewise, the handling of the aircraft has been fine-tuned to ensure that, while Deadly Skies GBA is extremely easy to pick up and play, it is sensitive enough to grow with the user as they grow ever more daring in the rolls and sweeps the action demands.

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