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Galactic Civilizations Gold Edition (PC)

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Alternate Titles
Galactic Civilizations: Gold Edition PC (English)
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Manufacturers Description
Galactic Civilizations: Gold Edition is an exclusive special edition of Stardock's award winning space strategy game. The Gold Edition boasts a host of new features, content and other enhancements to the original title, offering added depth and much greater replayability.

Included in Galactic Civilizations: Gold Edition is the original Galactic Civilizations PLUS "The Altarian Prophecy" - a new campaign that takes the player on a multi-game journey to solve the mystery alluded to in Galactic Civilizations. In doing so, it introduces two new civilizations: The Dominion Of The Korx and The Drath. These two civilizations hold the secret to Altaria's past, but worse, they know The Altarian Prophecy that foretells the destruction of the galaxy that is connected to Altaria's past.

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