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Ghost Master (Mac)

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Manufacturers Description
In Ghost Master Mac, you play an afterlife civil servant sent to Gravenville by the Haunter Committee. Your mission: manage resources to scare and manipulate people, then to discover the secrets behind Gravenville. Your control over ghostly beings will allow other ghosts to be laid to rest--therefore making the transition from the material to the ethereal plane. But helping out these wretched souls takes a bit of effort and plasm--that's where the fun-packed scaring comes in!

Placed in a fully 3-D environment you must cunningly place your ghostly helpers around the game world in an attempt to scare the "wits" out of the inhabitants and increase your supply of plasm, the substance that ultimately grants you all your power. The spirit characters you can unleash to accomplish this task come in numerous recognisable forms (headless horseman, standard sheet ghost, gremlins), all with different scaring skills and abilities. Some new, previously unseen fellows will probably even make you jump the first time as well…

The spirits can be brought into existence with certain levels of power. The higher the power, the more dastardly incantations and powers they can use to up the fear of these unsuspecting humans. But use skill and intelligence, otherwise you'll simply end up scaring people away from the area and therefore out of your field of power, bringing a quick stop to your resources.

It's a tall order with over 20 levels to purge but hopefully you'll be up to the assignment. And at the very least it won't kill you…

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