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Haven Call of the King (Gamecube)

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Alternate Titles
Haven: Call of the King Gamecube (English)
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Manufacturers Description
Haven: Call of the King is the first game to transcend the boundaries of interactive technology and immerse gamers in a world seemingly without limitations. It unveils an epic tale of exploration and intrigue as the hero, Haven, single-handedly battles the enslavement of his people by the evil tyrant Lord Vetch. Derived from revolutionary technology including fully open, real-time worlds, Haven: Call of the King combines the fluid integration of third-person and vehicular gameplay mechanics with the ability to explore spectacular cinematic quality world environments--from abysmal caves and eerie castles to stations in outer space. Gamers can seamlessly transition between walking or driving using unique fantasy vehicles throughout a fluid mix of gameplay styles including platforming, turret-based shooting, boat and land vehicular racing, arena combat and space exploration.

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