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Inquisition (PC)

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Manufacturers Description
Experience one of history's most turbulent periods in Inquisition PC, a medieval adventure and infiltration game. In 1348, Mathieu, an agile young thief, gets his hands on a seal which could lead him straight to the treasure of the Templars. Hounded by the Inquisition PC and wallowing in mass graves contaminated by the plague, he has only one idea in mind: to unlock the secret behind the greatest medieval mystery of them all.

Ferocious inquisitors, bloodthirsty torturers, wretched beggars and esoteric monks will all be hot on your heels as you make your way through a kingdom struck down by the greatest scourge of all time: the Black Death. Slip past houses and sleeping guards without being seen, jump from roof to roof, pick locks, gather information, strike the enemy where he least expects it--but keep your ears peeled for the least noise, as the Inquisition PC's soldiers are never far away!

You will have to solve puzzles closely tied in to the scenario: find and open secret passages, reassemble objects for use at the right moment, unlock various mechanisms etc. In this unprecedented 3-D real-time reconstruction of a medieval world, you will be pursued by starving wolves and rats as well as guards just itching to use their axes on your neck. Inquisition PC has seven levels and over 15 locations faithfully recreated from documents of the period.

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