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Kaan Barbarians Blade (PS2)

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Alternate Titles
Kaan: Barbarian's Blade PS2 (English)
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Manufacturers Description
With engaging cartoon style graphics and a wide assortment of weapons to master and monsters to vanquish, Kaan: Barbarian's Blade is a 3-D adventure with 17 hacking and slashing levels. The hero of the game, the young barbarian Kaan, takes on a mission to recover the stolen Orb of Hope. This mission takes him from the towns of Asaquan to the Syrkonian lands, and involves him in encounters with skeletons, sorcerers, bear-men and huge monsters, among many others. Kaan has a number of weapons at his own disposal to help fend off the fiendish hordes, including the long sword, hammer and jet axe, each of which can be used in many different combinations to defeat his enemies. However, it is Kaan's agility that will often help him the most--he can leap, dodge and charge his foes. For an added challenge, players can fight in Arena mode, against dozens of enemies and with an additional bonus quest thrown in.

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