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Paper Mario 2 User Reviews (Gamecube)

Paper Mario 2 reviews and ratings (Gamecube) by GamesTracker users.
Overall GT Rating: 88.84%
Overall GT Rank: #249 (View Overall Rankings)
Gamecube Rank: #21 (View Gamecube Rankings)
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PRO Reviews

10 / 10
14 Apr 2006

Lets cut to the chase quick!

RPG so relaxing, and Paper Mario proves it! The beautiful game, many mags, give this game Paper Mario for the Game cube, an awesome score of 92%, a bit unfair from my point of view well really unfair in my point of view, an...

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10 / 10
07 Apr 2006

Once upon a time, there was a story so immersive that its readers felt as if they had been living the adventure themselves. An adventure that was as solid as the hardback cover that kept it all together. One would believe that they truly have accomplished...

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Mini Reviews

9 / 10
24 Feb 2006

who kidnapped the beautiful princess peach? and for what reason? could bowser be involved in another mario mystery? get ready for a 2d role-playing adventuere for the ages as mario returns to being made of paper to discover a mystery that sleeps behind in...

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9 / 10
04 Jan 2006

What's that? Boring turn based combat? No, not here. 3D? Never even heard of it. Hordes of text? Well, yes, but humorous text.

Paper Mario is a joy to play. It takes all the unwritten rules of the RPG genre, spits in its ugly face and beats it over the...

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10 / 10
28 Oct 2004

i just found out something on paper mario 2! very interreasting?
if you got top the pit of 100 trials there is something value to get an gear on this is a challenge not to be missed! ok enogh say now for the gear to give you all the details as nessasery ...

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10 / 10
17 Nov 2004

This game is the BEST of all the mario games but in one . The best ever!!!!

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