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Petz Fantasy (DS)

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Manufacturers Description
In Petz Fantasy DS, you can care for and bond with a variety of unique and entertaining fantasy animals. Unlike regular dogs and cats, each fantasy Petz has a very surprising and unexpected character and personality. Throughout the game, you will get to know his unique personality and try and fulfil his special needs. The most important part of the game is to train your creature to get his full magic powers back and return him to his magic kingdom. Another special feature is secrecy: you protect your fantasy friend by keeping him hidden from your parents at all times!

Everything starts when the player discovers an egg in his bedroom; it bursts open in a magical explosion of stardust and a small creature appears when the dust settles. Startled, the player recognises the creature from pictures in a book called The Stories of Magia - one of the book's animals has somehow escaped from the book. The creature looks frightened. It starts to snivel and weep and runs away to hide. The player is now completely astounded and confused and leaps out of bed to pick up the book. Doing so triggers its magical powers and creates a spiritual link between him and the creature.

The storybook has now been transformed into a manual on how to care for his new Fantasy Petz. It shows the player what he can do to help the little guy regain its powers and return to its family in the mythical world of Magia.

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