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Red Dead Revolver Review (Xbox) By lear


8 / 10
23 Dec 2006 at 12:42

Review by: lear

A thoroughly enjoyable game, probably the best Wild West game this generation. A trifle short - there are getting on for 30 chapters but some only last a couple of minutes. There's an excellent 'quick draw' mechanic and the whole 'feel' of the game hits the spaghetti western vibe spot on (it is certainly more Django than Deadwood). There are a couple of difficulty spikes provided by tough bosses and an awkward bar room brawl level (an essential for a Western game, admittedly) made tougher by a camera that, while fine for the great outdoors, isn't that great on the somewhat smaller indoors.

As with all Rockstar games the soundtrack is excellent - very Western-y.

Although short, there is replay value provided by harder levels becoming unlocked when the game is completed (I played the game through 3 times, which is very rare for me). In short, if you ever played cowboys as a kid, or are a fan of Sergio Leone, this game is well worth a look.

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