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FIFA World Cup 2002 Review (PS2) By djslammin


7 / 10
05 Jan 2006 at 21:48

Review by: djslammin

This is a really underated game.
Allthough the controls are simple the gameplay will definatly keep you entertained.
It sees you in charge of anhy of the world cup 2002 qualifying teams and scotland.
(I dont know why)
your ultimate goal is to take yor team to glory a win the ultimate.THE FIFA WORLD CUP!
The commentary is actually done by John Motson and Andy Gray (as in other fifa games)
The graphics were good for its time but could not compete now.
A bad thing about this is the difficulty settings.
On biggener you will just run down the pitch straight from the of, and the next one up,
you cant score if you were the best playsationear on the face of the planet!
But overall a great internatonal experience with extra fetures.

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