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Santa Claus Junior (GBA)

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Manufacturers Description
In Santa Claus Jr, children across the world eagerly await their Christmas presents from Santa Claus. However, there is no peace on Earth or good will to all men as evil lurks in the shape of a wicked witch who casts a spiteful spell on all animals and toys, forcing children to flee and hide in any safe place they can find. Santa Claus cannot deliver all the presents to all the children in time and so requests the help of Nick, a boy who now has the fate of Christmas resting on his young shoulders. Nick has to find all the scared children, deliver them their presents in time and remove the cruel spell cast by the wicked witch upon the animals and toys.

On his dangerous mission, Nick has to journey over mountains where snowballs and icicles need to be skilfully dodged, defeating amazing enemies like the Yeti on the way, once achieved, Nick moves through a huge canyon where the Ibex awaits and finally through a dark and scary mine where bats fly and rockfalls are a constant danger. Finally, Nick reaches the realm of the evil witch, where he is forced to confront his fears and defeat her for the sake of saving Christmas.

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