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Super Mario Sunshine User Reviews (Gamecube)

Super Mario Sunshine reviews and ratings (Gamecube) by GamesTracker users.
Overall GT Rating: 93.15%
Overall GT Rank: #58 (View Overall Rankings)
Gamecube Rank: #5 (View Gamecube Rankings)
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PRO Reviews

8 / 10
27 May 2006

Fans of Mario 64 have eagerly waited for the release of Super Mario Sunshine for a long time. The first mario game on the gamecube(except super smash bros melee), mario and peach have decided to take a holiday to isle delfino. Upon arriving they find it c...

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10 / 10
30 Apr 2006

Its the best game I have ever played, and on and that is a fact, its the greatest game, since Tetris was first created, with Mario and co you encounter a journey to save princess peach from the evil clutches of baby bowser and big bowser, its a amazing ga...

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8 / 10
11 Jan 2004

The pudgy plumber we all know and love is back for more Koopa-bashing goodness in his newest adventure on a place called Delfino Island. What and where is Delfino Island you ask? It's a tropical paradise that Mario and Peach go to for their vacation. Upon...

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Mini Reviews

6 / 10
15 Feb 2007

I'm not sure why, but this is not one of my favorite Mario games. I think it's kinda a cool idea to use conservation and the whole "someone is poluting our planet" spin to show kids a good lesson. But as an adult who still loves Mario, it goes a little ...

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9 / 10
03 Aug 2006

When i first got this game for christmas i was really happy because i had already played it at a friends house and loved it. The game itself doesn't take long to get into and shows an incredible storyline where mario gets accused of covering the isle of d...

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5 / 10
28 Jun 2006

The graphics were great, and so were the powers that he got, but half way through the game it lost my interest because all of the challenges were repeating themselves. I had a great time watching other family members play it. This game is a great game eve...

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7 / 10
16 May 2006

Super Mario Sunshine is a really fun and involving game. Not only does it have many different levels and stages, but it also has several mini stages. Even after you have defeated the final big-boss, the game goes on. There are hidden Shine Sprites on e...

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6 / 10
11 Jan 2004

I must admit to being disappointed with this entry in the Mario series. OK the visuals are the best yet but somehow it just doesn't feel like a Mario game.

Basically in this one Mario has gone on vacation but when he arrives he is accused of vandalisi...

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9 / 10
10 Jan 2004

I know Edge were diappointed it wasn't better than Mario 64, but I must say I'm enjoying it.

The graphics are lovely, and the ways you can interact with the world are great.

The "water jetpack" is a bit of a gimick, and dominates the gamep...

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