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Zelda Twilight Princess User Reviews (Gamecube)

Zelda Twilight Princess reviews and ratings (Gamecube) by GamesTracker users.
Overall GT Rating: 93.4%
Overall GT Rank: #52 (View Overall Rankings)
Gamecube Rank: #4 (View Gamecube Rankings)
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PRO Reviews

8 / 10
12 Jan 2007

The game has nice graphics, More sword moves, more dungeons and villains. Ganondorf is not really the main enemy, but he is the final boss.

A man named Zant rules the twilight realm, nobody can hurt him without the Master sword's advanced form (Light s...

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Mini Reviews

9 / 10
30 Jan 2007

This is a great game. it sums up the zeldas in one but it also has new stuff like bugs, there is no orcoriner just reeds, awesome graphics, cool hints, also the fishing is so the same but also so different, the dungons are really fun, if you get stuck min...

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10 / 10
06 Jan 2007

OMG this game is a must have classic.

If you ever get stuck look for a walkthrough on the internet.The game has amazing graphics and is so realistic that you wish you could actually be Link.
All the bad guys are looking great (but evil).
All this is ...

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10 / 10
23 Mar 2006

The Legend of Zelda games are just amoung the greatest games ever created. They are every thing a fantastic game should be. So the expectation on this is massive. I am a little dissapointed that the release date has been pushed back. I just hope that it c...

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10 / 10
17 May 2007

an amazing game

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10 / 10
09 Feb 2007

Anyone who's followed zelda from original gameboy days, Nes days, and the l8 comers who fell in love through the n64 version will love it... no doubt about it the game is a masterpiece. P.s i'd like to add, there are alot of zelda h8ters out there aswell ...

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10 / 10
04 Feb 2007

Wow! Long awaited but perhaps the best Zelda game ever! It manages to be it's traditional self while bringing in new ideas. I was worried at first of being a wearwolf, feeling it would spoil the game by not being Link, but it was fab, but favourite bits s...

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10 / 10
23 Jan 2007

My opinion on the game is and stands as.....AWSOME!
When i played it for the first time it was insane due to the awsome 3-D graphics and gameplay, and the amazing bosses. This opinion is for the gamecube virsion but i still need to play the WII virsi...

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9 / 10
08 Jan 2007

They came so darned close to perfection... well, I predict that if NINTENDO keeps it up, the next Zelda title will be perfectly, well... perfect!

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10 / 10
12 Sep 2006

this is the newest zelda seriese and i heard it is ganna be the best 1 (they are all great but this is the best) with the new enhaneced graffix and wepons with a twist this is by far the one for every1 with a gamecube or wii(pronouced wee)

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10 / 10
10 Aug 2006

Itll be 10/10 when i geti it but i herd lots the graphics no longer like old zelder it wayyyy cooler know ^^ well i need words so hmm
uh oh yeah its has new baddies and dats all i gots well ill ramble on mabey but other than that this is it so any one w...

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7 / 10
06 Jul 2006

nice game easy to play jus for having fun not very difficult

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