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The Sims Triple Deluxe (PC)

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Alternate Titles
The Sims: Triple Deluxe PC (English)
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Manufacturers Description
The Sims

Want to play God and create and control your own fully functional family. Design their home. Make life-changing decisions that transport your Sims to a state of bliss - or send them to the loony bin. They can make friends, fall in love, start wars with the neighbours, and leave pizzas around the house until they fester. Nice. You can even upload your Sims onto the internet or download other players' people to see what havoc they cause in your 'hood... the possibilities are endless.

The Sims Livin' It up

The Sims Livin It Up is the expansion pack for the ultimate voyeurs dream is set to almost double the content of the original game. As well as new objects, characters and furniture, the pack includes new social interaction and story-telling elements. Come on over and visit the neighbourhood!

The Sims House Party

Three new architecture styles and dozens of new objects allow players to hoedown at a country barn dance, chow down at a tropical luau, or go underground at a rave with their Sims. Within each entertaining theme, a festive variety of costumes and dress options are available to add breadth to the bash.

The Sims Hot Date

The Sims Hot Date Expansion Pack represents an entirely new experience for the Sims - dating!! Play matchmaker to the Sims and watch the sparks fly or fizzle. Send your Sims on a candlelit dinner for two at the swankiest restaurant in town or a risqui rendezvous in the park after dark. Will your Sims find true love or be destined to a lifetime membership in the lonely hearts club? Find out if there really is someone for everyone or have fun trying!

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