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The Warriors User Reviews (Xbox)

The Warriors reviews and ratings (Xbox) by GamesTracker users.
Overall GT Rating: 85.96%
Overall GT Rank: #456 (View Overall Rankings)
Xbox Rank: #73 (View Xbox Rankings)
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Mini Reviews

5 / 10
27 Oct 2006

Based on the film the warriors is an action packed game about a gang that go to a meeting and alot of gangs are there are the gangster that called the meeting, cyrus was shot by one of the rogues. The rogues then blame it on the warriors and they turn int...

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10 / 10
26 May 2006

The warriors is a aswome game it really is, set back in the 70s (i fink) cant remember due to selling it, to survive u must smash others gangs rep by beating them up and spraying thier turf.

You play as the gang called the warriors doin missions that t...

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9 / 10
03 Jan 2006

***---SOME SPOILERS---***

This game is awesome. It is very much like the movie.

You start off as Rembrant, and how he joined the warriors. It teaches you the controls, and how to fight, which brings me to the fighting. It is really cool, you can...

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6 / 10
12 Jul 2006

nice game, makes me think about clockwork orange (the movie)

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10 / 10
25 Jan 2006

Rockstar, the mystery of how they do it, is even more of amystery than the missiong link. HOW DO THEY DO IT?!!

Rockstar had adapted the hit movie The Warriors. It has a storyline Spielberg wished he could make. Swan, Ajax, Cowboy, Snow, CLeon, Rembrand...

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