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Thunderbirds (GBA)

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Alternate Titles
Thunderbirds: International Rescue GBA (English)
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Manufacturers Description
At last THUNDERBIRDS GBA is touching down on Game Boy Advance, the eagerly anticipated sequel to Thunderbirds GBA Game Boy Color .With replica Thunderbird crafts and a team of International Rescue look-a-likes The Hood is attempting to deceive the world and turn everyone against International Rescue! The situation is desperate, time is scarce and there's only one way to Unveil the Hood's plot - a new International Rescue Agent is required!

Take charge of the Thunderbirds GBA craft and join Lady Penelope, Parker, Brains and the Tracy family in their quest to thwart evil. Solve the mysteries and complete the perilous rescue missions the Hood is trying to sabotage. THUNDERBIRDS GBA International Rescue boasts over 30 levels across 7 environments, new missions and puzzles to solve and completely new levels, including a 3D Space Shooter utilising the fire-power of Thunderbird 3 and a brand new character led platform level. This is all in addition to mastering Thunderbirds GBA 1, 2 and 4 and FAB 1 and 2 - making THUNDERBIRDS GBA International Rescue the best value game on the Game Boy Advance with over 7 individual games all in one cartridge!

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