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Formatting markup codes

HTML markup codes are not permitted in this forum. However, you may use the following special codes in the message body text...

[b]bold text[/b] will create bold text
[i]italicized text[/i] will create italicized text
[u]underlined text[/u] will create underlined text
[link=]GamesTracker[/link] will make a link to GamesTracker
[image=http://web.address/image.gif] will add an image


You may add a signature to your posts. To setup a signature use Your Profile

Emoticons or smilies

Use the following codes to add emoticons to your messages:

Happy/Smile :-) or :)
Big Smile :-D or :d
Sad :-( or :(
Wink ;-) or ;)
Surprise :-o or :o
Confused :-s or :s
Cry :'(
Tongue Poking Out :-P or :P
Disappointed :-| or :|
Embarrassed :-$ or :$
Sarcastic ^o)
Tired/Yawn |-) or |)
Baring Teeth 8o|
Don't Tell :-# or :#
Nerd 8-| or 8|
Sick/Ill +o(
Party <:o)
Angry/Annoyed :@ or :-@
Secret :-* or :*
Thumbs Up/Good (y) or (Y)
Thumbs Down/Bad (n) or (N)
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