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Topic created by: tiberianwolf on 11 Sep 2008 at 21:46
Last post by: mr_coconut on 14 Sep 2008 at 16:33 (Jump to Last Post)

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Post: #1-11 Sep 2008 21:46
i wondering if any1 has got it as i thinking of getting but not sure because of the stupid DRM and install limited (which is 3 installs what a joke)

have any1 had any probs with it as i heard that some people have been unable to play it because of the DRM

Post: #2-11 Sep 2008 22:22
i decided not to get this pice of crap...
i played it round mates house and i was bored after 20 minutes
i hv no idea bout installing stuff tho
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Post: #3-11 Sep 2008 22:34
Its pretty much Black & White with more customisation options and brighter colours. Try the creature creater first...
Post: #4-12 Sep 2008 21:22
its a solid game

stage one sees you in the gene pool and you have to eat meat chunks and smaller animals to get bigger. find space debris for customisation and breed to add new parts.

stage two is by far the best stage theat i have played so far (i am on civilasation) as you basically wander about and kill and destroy to become top of the food chain.

stage 3 is infuriating. even on easy mode whic i plaayed first the other tribes are programmed to steal and attack you whenever they can. this makes progress damn near impossible but if you work through it by befriending the larger tribes the bandits and smaller tribes will slowly be wiped out by your friends or just not come near you

that is pretty much how far i have played, i would recommend getting it as apart from the tribal stage the whole games seems to be very well made and thought out. there are pretty much infinite customisations you can do and designing species and equipment is the focal point of the game

7/10 - would be higher if the AI were not all w@nkers
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Post: #5-12 Sep 2008 22:45
the first 2 stages sounds really cool and is my type a game (i like sim game) but really it's this dam install limit preventing me from buying as i like to install and uninstall games when not using when i also have only a small harddrive (108 GB)

i'll think i'll wait till it's about 20 or they get rid of the DRM

anyway thanks every1 who posted

Post: #6-14 Sep 2008 15:04
Post: #7-14 Sep 2008 16:33
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