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Topic created by: Rangers-1- on 26 Jun 2009 at 15:41
Last post by: Rangers-1- on 20 Oct 2009 at 16:21 (Jump to Last Post)

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Post: #1-26 Jun 2009 15:42
I am looking for a different kind of challenge i am fed up going english and scottish teams. I am looking for a european team but not the usual spain, italy, germany etc. other countries like, greece, turkey, switzerland etc. doesn't matter the division or money but i would like it to be a below average or average kinda team. thanks in advance.

Post: #2-29 Jun 2009 16:13
Have you tried playing blindfolded?

"Tutankhamun looks like Tiger Woods eating a Cornetto."

Post: #3-26 Jul 2009 16:16
roda jc are an average team with okay funds and a team that needs some strengthening i tried to win the erverdise with these and it was quite a challenge

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Post: #4-28 Jul 2009 08:39
be FC twente, they have a fair team and are challenging for top 4 spot, plus they have biram diouf

Post: #5-20 Oct 2009 16:21
no been on this for ages :L a decided to go dorchester btw got them into league 1 still got the save

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