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Topic created by: SSgtBradley on 02 Oct 2005 at 16:39
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What have they done this time?
Never mind the Yank accents (although that matters, cos I'd got used to the old ones - so you knew that Connor's Yorkshire saying "Infantry Spotted" in the middle of a covert op meant you had to stop him blasting away.)
Never mind that they have changed all the key mapping and that changing them to the ones you are familiar with sometimes doesn't work.
Never mind that the game wants more than my 2 year old processor has got to give and that it looks terrible at a lower resolution.
Never mind that weapons suddenly change fire mode on their own right in the middle of a fire-fight.
The real problem is the way the bloody thing freezes at random.
I eventually got to the end of the first mission (12 freezes & reboots later), and it froze just as I was assembling the squad in the motor pool!
Do Eidos ever release fixes when problems are this bad?
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