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Overall GT Rating: 84.74%
Overall GT Rank: #575 (View Overall Rankings)
PSP Rank: #26 (View PSP Rankings)
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Mini Reviews

10 / 10
07 Aug 2006

This is a very simple game for PSP. It is so simple it is almost childish. With bright coloured graphic and characters it is perfect for the little ones but is also great for the experts because there are always extra secrets and roses hidden in every noo...

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9 / 10
18 Jun 2006

I played a demo for my psp, pretty addictive and very whacky; itís cute and just really easy to navigate around the screen using the top L and R buttons. You control the yellow jellybean help it grow by collecting orange flowers. You can split yourself to...

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9 / 10
11 Oct 2007

Nintendo beater

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8 / 10
07 Apr 2007

i love this game. it is easy to play and top to look at.
i would recommend to everyone from 5yrs old upwards.
you can eat, grow, roll and bounce everywhere you go. just use the left and right buttons and the x button. There are puzzles and secret areas ...

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10 / 10
15 Feb 2007

It is the best game I ever played.It is full of excitment and adventure.

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10 / 10
08 Aug 2006

utterly brilliant, i hope that everyone plays it. one of the best psp games available.

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9 / 10
27 Jun 2006

super funny simple game great

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