A 24.5″ Full HD LED PC gamer screen for less than 150£

He’s a regular in our bargain-basement section who’s making a big comeback this week. Indeed, PC gamers will no doubt be happy to discover this promotion currently in effect on the HP 25MX gamer screen. The latter is sold at only £149.99 for a limited time.

A beautiful screen for your games
We went to Darty’s virtual department to find this discount. I’ll have you know that we offer home delivery. This flash sale at -25% will only be available for a short time, so don’t waste too much time. Let’s already finish our tour of terms and conditions by reminding you that the guarantee is valid for two years. It is already time to move on to the features of this model packed with qualities.

hp screen

Here’s an HP LED screen with a diagonal of 24.5 inches (62.2 centimeters) and Full HD definition. The brightness of the panel reaches 400 cd/m² and the response time is 1 ms. The image will, therefore, be extremely detailed with this model and there will not be the slightest latency between the press of a button and the action on the screen. In addition, the AMD Freesync technology and the 144 Hz refresh rate will ensure a truly smooth and fluid experience. All skipping and cracking will be eliminated.

A product for players… but not just players.
As you can see, the rendering will be absolutely optimal for video games. But this screen designed by HP will also be suitable for all users who don’t play games. Indeed, this model also has very thin edges for a perfect viewing experience. The included stand is adjustable in height and, to avoid eye strain, the brightness of the screen will adapt to the lighting of the room you are in.

It is therefore an exceptional screen that HP offers us through this promotion. It is essential for frequent gamers but it will also be suitable for those who want to watch movies or even do office work. It’s just waiting for you!