Games with Gold: Here are the games available on Xbox One in April 2020

The subscription to the Microsoft console delivers, as every month, a selection of free games. This April’s program includes two Xbox One and two Xbox 360 games.


A racing game, an old-fashioned RPG, a remaster of a cult game and micro-machines: that’s what Microsoft is offering you this April. Subscribers to Games with Gold will receive four games for a total value of $132. The games are as follows:

Project CARS 2 on Xbox One, April 1 to 30
Knights of Pen and Paper Bundle on Xbox One, April 16 to May 15
Fable Anniversary on Xbox 360, April 1-15
Toybox Turbos on Xbox 360, April 16 to April 30
Note that it is still possible to pick up a game offered in March, Shantae: Half-Genie Hero on Xbox One, until April 15.