Sony Introduces DualSense Controller for PlayStation 5

Sony has finished with the concept of its new controller. The DualSense builds on the design of the DualShock, adding a few innovations.

With the name DualSense, Sony seems to be saying goodbye to DualShock. The new controller is mainly white with black accents at the top and bottom. This is the first time that Sony has opted for a basic two-colour controller.


Visually, the main difference with the old one is that the new controller is a bit thicker, comparable to the controller for the Xbox. The light bar is now around the touchpad.

DualSense has adaptive triggers in the L2 and R3 buttons at the top. This should result in better feedback during gameplay. The share button is replaced here by a create button, even though it seems to do much of the same thing. As for the rest, the classic PlayStation concept can be recognized: a D-pad on the left, the four PlayStation icons on the right, two joysticks at the bottom and the left and right shoulder buttons with a trigger underneath each one.

PlayStation 5 is scheduled for the 2020 holiday season. Many details about the console are not yet known, but Sony has announced that information will follow in the coming months. There is currently no talk of a delay or production problems due to the coronavirus.