Xbox Game Bar: soon widgets to control other applications

According to Microsoft, gamers were tired of having to juggle Alt+Tab to switch from a game to a specific application like Xsplit’s Gamecaster. The editor is therefore preparing widgets that can be inserted in the bar, in partnership with the companies concerned.

A specific Widget Store will be added in the bar, allowing to go and get complements. The latter will provide the link between the bar and the application it drives, avoiding round trips. In other cases, the complement can be provided by the application itself.


The latest version of Gamecaster includes for example the widget. For participants in the Xbox Insider program who already have the software, simply go to the associated Store to retrieve the widget.

Beta add-ons are also available for the Cortex and Gold applications. The former in particular allows, via its Boost and Restore functions, to cut all services deemed unnecessary during a game session, then restart them when it is over. These functions are accessible from the widget.

Intel is also a partner of the new service. In a future beta version of its IGCC (Intel Graphics Command Center), a widget will automatically be inserted in the game bar. It “will initially provide access to graphics settings, power usage profiles, streaming and video capture. It will then evolve.

A development kit is available for interested developers. But beware, it will in any case have to go through validation before the widget can be inserted in the bar.

Microsoft has not given a release date for the feature, but promises it will be here “soon”.