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Metroid Prime reviews and ratings (Gamecube) by GamesTracker users.
Overall GT Rating: 95.34%
Overall GT Rank: #15 (View Overall Rankings)
Gamecube Rank: #2 (View Gamecube Rankings)
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PRO Reviews

10 / 10
18 Jan 2004

It has a phenomenal legacy to live up to as the descendent of one of gaming's proudest franchises and many may well have pondered on how Nintendo's excellent 2-D 'explore-em-ups' would make the transition to 3D, or whether a second-party developer would t...

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Mini Reviews

9 / 10
11 Oct 2006

This game was brilliant. Graphically it showed what the game cube could do, challenging the Xbox and Playstation no problem. The thing I loved most about this game was that the sense it gave you of an epic adventure. The view angle and the way the game wa...

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8 / 10
04 Sep 2005

A good game although it is high in difficulty and enemies reappear also there's a lot backtracking. Very good bosses and puzzzles.

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10 / 10
06 Oct 2004

OMG! THIS GAME IS AWSOME! Awsome graphics, awsome gameplay, awsome bosses. The hard mode is actually hard, it still is challenging, even though I have alredy beaten it, it rocks, and I know that the sequel will be even better!

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9 / 10
18 Aug 2004

Phonominal - the best GCN 1st party graphics.

Sound is ace, good tunes, good effects and surround sound all used to full potential.

Gameplay does seem a bit odd at first with the controls, but they quickly make a lot of sense.

Replay value is sa...

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