Sonic Adventure 2 Battle User Reviews (Gamecube)

Sonic Adventure 2 Battle reviews and ratings (Gamecube) by GamesTracker users.
Overall GT Rating: 69.79%
Overall GT Rank: #2463 (View Overall Rankings)
Gamecube Rank: #200 (View Gamecube Rankings)
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PRO Reviews

10 / 10
14 May 2006

Sonic adventure 2 battle is probobaly the best sonic game i have ever played. You get a massive rush from speeding along levels, going through loops, killing robots and finding emeralds. Theyre are a lot of characters you can be, a lot of game modes and i...

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10 / 10
12 Apr 2006

What a game, the best Sonic game of all time in my opinion, even better than some Megadrive ones, and a lot better than Sonic Riders and Sonic Heroes, as I said in other reviews, even Sonic Rush is better than Riders and Heroes, Sonic Rush is for the DS a...

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Mini Reviews

9 / 10
09 Oct 2006

Sonic Adventure 2 is a truly well respected game. Back when Sega used to rule video game franchise, back when Sega actually had a console, this game came out on the DreamCast. Now this game has comeback as Sonic Adventure 2 Battle. This game was released ...

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8 / 10
07 Aug 2006

This is the best sonic game i have and have played. I love being able to pick either sonic knuckles or tails right from the start. I love the chao garden and looking after the little chaos is so fun, i also love collecting animals for my chao to transform...

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